Transforming One Life At A Time

In Detroit Metropolitan Area & Southeastern, Michigan

A nonprofit organization committed to helping the youths of Southeastern Michigan transition from Foster Care to adult living.


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A cause for the greater good of Detroit.

Support us, support your community.

By supporting A Place of Refuge, you are changing one life at a time by preventing homelessness of Detroit’s youth. Each dollar spent with A Place Of Refuge works to not only provide shelter, but also meals, clothing, and education. All of these things are necessary to make the changes we want to see in our youth. Without one of these aspects, the system does not work. That’s why we provide one program to encompass all the aspects our youth needs to feel security, direction, and support. Only then, are we able to see the positive outcomes that we’ve witnessed in so many young men that come through A Place Of Refuge.

Transforming individuals today, transforms Detroit’s future.

Our sponsors understand that systematic change in our community starts with the individual youth. First, we must support our youth. By supporting these individuals and providing them with positive mentorship we are able to change their futures for the better. These are the same individuals that turn around and become mentors for the next generation. For better or worse, our youth will always look toward adults to guide them. At A Place of Refuge, we connect youth with the right guidance for a positive future.


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The most convenient way to donate is by using paypal. You don’t need to create an account. Simply enter your payment information, and select how much you’d like to donate. We do not have a minimum amount, because anything helps!

Kroger Community Rewards

It’s easy to support our cause next time you shop for groceries. Thanks to our partner, Kroger, you can now simply fill out a brief form to pass along your kroger rewards savings on to A Place Of Refuge.

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Now you can use Amazon to donate while online shopping for your everyday needs. Simply use Amazon Smile and choose “A Place Of Refuge” at checkout, or click the link below.